RENEW 2024

2.19.24 - 3.30.24

Renew is a time for our whole church to intentionally focus on spiritual growth in the weeks leading up to Easter.

RENEW Season Calendar

Kickoff Dinner (Sunday February 18 @ 5pm)
Join us for dinner as we launch the RENEW season at the Family Gathering

Planning Week (February 19 - 25)
Make your customize Personal Growth Plan
(see suggestions below)

WEEKS 2-6 (February 26 - March 30)
Follow your plan. Share your journey with others!

Culminating Celebration: Easter Sunday (March 31)
The RENEW season culminates with our Easter Sunday worship service, as we celebrate the resurrection life we have in Christ!

4 Tips for Building Your Person Growth Plan

1. Set a goal in at least one of the 4 areas listed below. If appropriate, consider setting two or more goals, starting with one from each area.

2. Set goals that are specific and measurable. Your goal(s) should stretch you out of your comfort zone a bit, but still be reasonable to attain.

3. A personal growth plan is personal! You set goals that fit where you currently are on the journey of discipleship.

4. Sample goals are listed below. Feel free to use them as written, or let them inspire you to set goals that are more appropriate for you!

Listen to the Harvest Podcast episode below for more on what the RENEW season is all about.

Suggested Goals:

1) Serve

Invest your time and energy to help Harvest make disciples.

Harvest's ministry effectiveness will grow as more of us serve! We currently need people to help with prep/setup, assisting leaders, and leading in both short-term and ongoing ministries.

Some suggestions:
  • Schedule a weekly (or daily) time to pray that God would raise up enough people to serve at Harvest so that our church can effectively disciple everyone we come into contact with.
  • "Shadow" someone who is already serving at Harvest to learn what they do (start the conversation). Or if you already serve regularly, invite someone to "shadow" you.
  •  Start the conversation with Harvest's leadership staff to explore opportunities where you might serve. Visit our Serve page to learn more.


Remove a meal (or some other cherished activity) from your routine for a time, in order to pursue Jesus better.

Some suggestions - here are a few ways Harvest members have pursued fasting:
  • Skip lunch once per week (or more). Use that time to go for a walk and pray.
  • Cut out one evening per week of TV/media. Use that time to read a devotional with friends or family.
  • Forgo the daily latte. Donate the money saved to Harvest, to another local ministry, or to a missionary.
Some helpful resources for fasting:


Actively pour God's Word into yourself for a season, so you grow in following Jesus.

Some suggestions:
  • Read the devotional book A Journey Through Lent by Tim Keller & David Bisgrove (available at the Harvest Book Table or your favorite online retailer)
  • Memorize a passage of scripture. Tips on how to memorize scripture along with some suggested passages to start with can be found hereAnd if you prefer a technological aid to Bible memorization, there's an app for that!
  • Read the story of Jesus through the Gospel of Luke. Renew 2024 Reading Bible Plan.
  • Join Harvest's upcoming Design for Discipleship session. This group study will help you grow in the foundational Christian practices of prayer, fellowship, Bible reading, and witnessing. 5 consecutive Sundays starting February 25th at 8:30am.
  • Attend the Preview Night to learn about our Discipleship Training Course on Wednesday evening February 21st.   Room 201 at 6:30pm  - 8:30pm This course will give you the knowledge and skills to effectively help other people grow in their faith.


Take a step forward in your prayer life by starting a regular prayer time, exploring new ways to pray, or expanding whom you pray for:

Some suggestions:
  • Identify one or more unbelieving people by name (neighbors, friends, co-workers, family members, etc.) and plan a regular time (daily/weekly/etc.) to pray for their salvation.
  • Download the Joshua Project Unreached of the Day app on your mobile device, and use their daily guide to pray for people groups around the world that are unreached with the Gospel. DOWNLOAD HERE.
  • Participate in Harvest's  weekly Sunday Morning Prayer Gathering at 9:15 a.m. in the Worship Center, before the service.

Make Your Plan

Use this tool to write out YOUR plan for renewal