RENEW 2023

2.22.23 - 4.9.23

Renew is a time for our whole church to intentionally focus on spiritual growth during the traditional Lent season.

Join us by creating your own customized 40-day Personal Growth Plan, covering 4 areas:


Remove a meal (or some other cherished activity) from your routine for a time, in order to pursue Jesus better.

Some suggestions - here are a few ways Harvest members have pursued fasting:
  • Skip lunch once per week (or more). Use that time to go for a walk and pray.
  • Cut out one evening per week of TV streaming. Use that time to read a devotional as a family.
  • Forgo the daily latte. Donate the money saved to a food bank.
Some helpful resources for fasting:


Actively pour God's Word into yourself for a season, so you grow in following Jesus.

Some suggestions:
  • Read the devotional book From the Grave by A.W. Tozer (available at the Harvest Book Table or your favorite online retailer)
  • Readings in the Gospels - walk with Jesus to the cross through daily Bible readings and reflection questions. 5 days/week until Easter, can be found here.
  • Memorize a passage of scripture - tips on how to memorize scripture, along with some suggested passages to start with, can be found here.


Take a step forward in your prayer life by starting a regular prayer time, exploring new ways to pray, or expanding whom you pray for:

Some suggestions:
  • Use Harvest's "10x4 Prayer Guide" created specifically for the Renew season: 10 guided prayer prompts (1 per day) you do can do 4 times during this season. DOWNLOAD 10x4 PRAYER GUIDE
  • Download the Joshua Project Unreached of the Day app on your mobile device, and use their daily guide to pray for people groups around the world that are unreached with the Gospel.
  • Participate in Harvest's  weekly Sunday Morning Prayer Gathering at 9:15 a.m. in the Worship Center, before the service.

4) GO

Actively connect with someone in a new and spiritually significant way this season.

Some suggestions:
  • Share the Gospel with someone.
  • Participate in Harvest's Renew Season Supply Drive for Love INC.
  • Personally invite an un-churched person you know to Harvest's Easter Service. 
  • "Invite Our Neighbors" - join with others in our church on Saturday, April 1 as we distribute Easter service invitations to many of our neighbors who live close to the church property.
  • Find someone at Harvest whom you don't know and invite them out to coffee or over for a meal. Listen to their life story. Seek ways to encourage them spiritually.

Make Your Plan

Use this tool to write out YOUR plan for renewal