“Renew” is a season in which we'll intentionally focus on experiencing and expressing the Gospel at Harvest.

Join us by committing to Gospel Renewal in 3 areas between now and Easter

Focus Area #1: Renew Your Heart

Choose one or more

Attend Harvest’s two special services
  • Ash Wednesday Service – Wednesday March 2 at 7pm
  • Good Friday Service – Friday April 15 at 7pm
Fasting – give something up in order to pursue Jesus better. Some helpful resources for fasting:
Lent Devotional Reading
To Seek and to Save, by Sinclair Ferguson (available for $10 at the Harvest Book Table)

Focus Area #2: Renew Our Church

Choose one or more

Parent Discipling Resources:
  • The Wonder of Easter - a family devotional book (available at the Harvest Book Table)
  • Participate in the “Journey to the Cross” event for parents & children (ages preschool – 6th grade) on Saturday April 16.

Do the Lent Devotional Reading Together with Others
Read the Lent devotional (see above) 
  • 1-on-1 with someone in the church, or
  • with a small group, or
  • join the church-wide discussion on Harvest’s app (click the Messaging icon in the upper right hand corner of the app, tap "Discover," and join the "2022 Lent Devotional Discussion")

Pray for Others in our Church
Prayer guides will be published throughout the Lent season, a new guide each week. Find them right here in this section, and in the Weekly Update.

Focus Area #3: Renew Our Community

Choose one person outside of God’s family whom you know

Pray for them
pray daily for that person’s salvation, and opportunities to build a relationship

Invite them 
Invite that person to Harvest’s Easter Sunday service

Make Your Plan

Use this tool to write out YOUR plan for renewal